About Us

‘So you’re a healthcare specialist generalist then?’

The industry hasn’t come up with a decent business description for our agency proposition yet (that’s the price of being different). But yes, ‘healthcare specialist generalist’ is about the size of it.

In short, we specialise in life sciences. Then that specialism is augmented by our senior team having three decades of business to consumer and business to business experience.

They’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest corporate cheeses in a range of industry sectors. So we know your world, and we’re able to draw on lessons we’ve learned from other sectors such as BBC, BP, IBM, Lush Cosmetics, Nintendo and SABMiller, to lend a fresh perspective.

We’re digital veterans.

We’re not wobbling around on walking sticks yet, (though there are a couple of ‘sporting injuries’). But our team has got long-in-the-tooth industry experience.

For example, they could tell you stories about some of the first websites ever launched. Or the time the UK government asked for advice on social media.

Then there was the contribution they made to Google’s digital training programme. And the gold Cyber Lion for viral marketing. Or the European social listening project for a FTSE100 before Facebook was even a glint in Zuckerberg’s eye.

We could go on…

We know some clever people.

Smart and talented specialists tend to roam free, sitting in coffee houses, parks and designer home offices with their state-of-the-art laptops. (Go on, hate them for a second and get it out of your system.)

Now think of them as your allies – we have access to the best of the best, so we complement our own in-house core team by calling on our collective of niche brains for hire when you need their specialist skills.