The Pharma Multi-Channel Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool.

The Pharma MCM Maturity
Assessment Tool .

Do you have a nagging feeling that your pharma multi-channel marketing isn’t quite where it should be? Well, we’re here to help pharma brand marketers get a handle on their multi-channel marketing maturity.

This Assessment Tool will allow you to cut through to the detail and produce your very own MCM Maturity Profile.

Within 3 minutes you’ll gain valuable insights about your strengths and weaknesses across six multi-channel marketing dimensions — Strategy, Media, Content, Data & Analytics, Martech and KPIs.

The Assessment Tool is based on our healthcare marketing experience and three of our hugely popular models:

Research & Insights

Which of the following do you use to get an understanding of your current situation and options?


Brand Strategy

When thinking strategically about branding products, which of the following do you utilise?


Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Which of the following do you use to improve customer experience? A customer could be an HCP or a consumer for OTC products.


Comms Strategy

Which of the following approaches do you use to reach your audience?


Owned Media

Which of the following owned media channels do you use?


Earned Media

Which of the following earned media channels do use?


Content Formats

Which of the following formats do you currently use to produce content?


Content Value

Which of the following values does your content provide?


Content Personalisation

How do you currently provide personalised content?


Data & Analytics

How is data and analytics currently used within the marketing function?



Which of the following martech do you currently deploy?



Which of the following KPIs do you regularly use?